Choosing Pop Up events, one little event a time

Ain’t nothing easy about being small. Small budgets , small circles , and small leads make breaking into the industry no easy task.

In the food and beverage industry sampling is key 101 to growing your brand and not all samplings are made equal. Weirdly enough, the demise of craft beer festivals is happening right in front of our eyes. Festival attendance is slim so finding new ways to pop up is super important . Every case or keg poured for free is money out of my pocket so we have to be choosy. How do we choose ?

Well we stick to supporting craft beer by sticking to festivals no matter the attendance. Craft beer is a small niche so we’re always trying to get in front of beer lovers. Our second notion is to find events and partnerships that can help us gain traction in present or future accounts. For these events we take time to align with brands that have similar belief systems , for these we double down our branding and sampling efforts. Some recent examples include :

Doodles Art Basel Event - a very popular NFT with founding members like Pharell 

Pizza Sessions Launch Party with Sludge Co. - a clothing brand launch at Thoroughbread Pizza Company in hopes we could gain visibility in the small pizza chain 

Arepa Pop Up w/ Chef Billy G - Partnering with Venezuelan American chef Billy G to showcase our roots but at the same time meeting his loyal customers.




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