Whats a blog without some real feelings? I mean I love sharing the positive and brand updates but things aren't always rainbows and butterflies. So today my post is just to share how tired I am from being an entrepreneur. Down but not out, my road in entrepreneurship has not been easy. 

My road in this beer world started with Edukos Beer House where we started with city construction, no sidewalk, and Hurricane Irma one month after our opening. We were open for five years and in that time I had twins, there was a zika crisis, and OFCOURSE covid! 





Despite all that, I pushed through to have the space open for 5 years while working a full time job. Phewwwww... with the last momentum of closing Edukos I launched Little Brewing Company and released Johnnys Lager about two years ago. Beer distribution is no fun game and we're narrowed down to only a local boutique distributor who lost his partner during our tenure. Craft beer has slowed down tremendously, prices are up, and my last potential partner in Miami closed shop after two weeks of saying we were going to do a beer garden. This left me with 25 extra kegs, 8 umbrellas, and a 2500 investment into a kegorator. 

Thanks for letting me get that all out, despite all this....I can't stop wanting to create something totally my own. 

So we're rebranding Johnnys to a more premium and simple look, positioning ourselves as a Premium Light Beer brand, brewing 5bbls of staycation, and looking for new partners to create our Little Beer Garden. 

Life is peak and valleys, ying and yangs, and ups and downs. All I think about is keeping this little brewing company so that when my children get older...they own something BIG. 

Just Keep Swimming Roman and Genevieve ; )  Lets Get It 

- Johnny







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