Diary of a Craft Beer Madman 2023

No where to start other than thank you to everyone who has purchased, sipped, and shared anything Little Brewing. We're closing out the year with about two years of learnings under our belt, a little more debt, but a more seasoned individual.

We're excited to share that in 2024 we will start off with some momentum with a Seltzer release in Aruba as well as a new Johnnys Premium Lager Can and positioning. The market hasnt been kind to craft beer and our distributor is not the best at focusing on us so we're using all our resources to continue to evolve to share better and better yet sell better. 

I've also learned It cant be done alone, so I'll be opening up opportunities to investors in 2024 to help grow in Florida and dominate the market! Big Goals from a Little Brewing Company. 

This will be the last post for 2023 so thank you to all the 3-4 people that read the blog and you can count on a new and improved LBC soon. 





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