Lifestyle vs Liquid

When you’re behind the tasting tables people are never shy to tell your all their two cents plus a few more. As a veteran of this industry this is sampling 101 and it’s important to listen to potential new friends of our brew style and philosophy.

This conversation started because I had some Merch on the table during our tasting event and he asked if I thought it was too early for us to have merch. I explained that our idea is related to our #getoutside ethos and that it was actually our first merch run ever and we were testing out displaying it at our #popup event. 

As a self funded entrepreneur you rarely lose opportunities to get things in front of potential consumers because you do want to hear their thoughts and test things out. Shoot every batch of mine is pretty much a first time run , so we’re always swinging for the fences. 

As a brewer and operator it’s hard to know which consumer you want to talk to , do we talk about the liquid or the lifestyle of a craft drinker ? Can we do both ? Lets see how this all plays out !

What do you think ?



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