Retrograde Energy Shifts for our Brewing Company

Growing a brand is a long term goal, when you’re self funded and a one person company you have to know when to shoot your shot. 

Last year we finished the new branding of LBC and we’ve been able to weave this into our new labels one release at a time. Before that, we had a different looking style that had launched with Johnnys that has lingered into our visuals up to now. Buttttttt every entrepreneur wants to have that new new always ready to go, so I’ve been pretty patient waiting for the time to update our Event Materials to match our new swag. Well guess what … it’s time babyyyyyyyyy

Were shooting out shot and will have our new black and “a little red” branding ready for this holiday season!!! Check out our proofs for our new Tent Top and Table Cloth , more to come ! 


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